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The American Sunbathing Association (A.S.A.), prospered during the next eight

years, but in 1941 the beginning of World War II disrupted the naturist movement. Following
the strike on Pearl Harbor, many nudists went off to

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CO Dinner - Clothing Optional Dinners In New York City

Clothes Optional Dinners or "CO Dinners" by Felicity Jones

CO Dinners or Clothes Optional Dinners in NYC - I don't know about you, rea read more...

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and teen pregnancy among young women exposed to primal scenes might seem at

first glimpse to signify damage unequivocally, more careful evaluation renders these
findings somewhat ambiguous. In the case of increased instances of pregnancy among
these women, for instance, it should be noted that over half of those w read more...

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Let's Do Away With These 5 Body Shaming Comments

Inspired by body favorable activist Virgie Tovar and also this recent post on Mic, "5 Body Shaming Opinions That Everyone Should Stop Saying This Summer" I determined to write my own list of body shaming opinions that naturists are tired of hearin read more...